KOEL iGreen Presents Best Genset of India with Superior Looks


KOEL - Power generating set manufacturers. Specializing in air-cooled and water-cooled engines and diesel generating sets across a wide range of power output from 5 kVA to 5200 kVA. KOEL has consistently delivered reliable and high quality products to meet the power requirements of different market segments including telecom, construction, IT / ITES, retail, hotels, hospitals, banking and finance and manufacturing at very competitive costs. KOEL headquartered in Pune has four state of the art manufacturing plant. Plant in Kagal is the youngest plant which got established in the year 2010. In 2012, KOEL entered the residential diesel generator market with the launch of their compact product - Chota Chilli. Our Products: Petrol Generator Diesel Generator Power Solutions Genset Electrical

KOEL iGreen takes a Leap ahead in going green by presenting New Attractive Color Scheme and with green decal reminds its commitment to efficiency in conservation. For more details,Visit at- https://www.koelgreen.com/ Advertisements

Comprehensive Warranty & Single Point of Ownership by KOEL iGreen


KOEL iGreen empowers the individual with a single point control for the entire power back-up system, synchronizing every component for a seamless consumer experience! For more details,Visit at- https://www.koelgreen.com/

Affordable Diesel Generator Prices in India from KOEL iGreen


KOEL iGreen, India’s foremost company when it comes to manufacturing generators of all kinds has come out with a range of new products. These ranges of products have attracted a lot of attention in the market. In terms of efficiency and performance, the scientists and engineers of KOEL iGreen have really hit the jackpot. The company’s focus has extraordinarily been on increasing the run times at half load, so that devices such as the 750 kva generator and the 1000 kva diesel generator are enormously fuel friendly. For property holders on the pursuit of eco-friendly and balanced energy solutions, KOEL iGreen multi-range generating devices are ideally suited. In addition to this, with the rise in diesel generator price in India KOEL iGreen is the only company to offer devices of such high quality at such low rates. Get in touch with KOEL iGreen as soon as possible to book a low-priced agreement on your desired generator unit! For more details or Visit at – https://koelgreen.com 750-kva-1010-kva

250kva Generator and Silent Diesel Generator with High Efficiency


KOEL iGreen, the primary brand responsible for all the innovation in generator unit designs at the moment have exceeded itself in its bid for excellence and innovation. Their new range of generators comes with sharp and reconditioned designs. Now, their ever-reliable silent diesel generator units come in new and advanced designs which help in delivering extraordinary run times at half the load, making products like the 250 kva generator extremely fuel friendly. The 180 kva generator price for e.g. was reduced to make the device tremendously low-cost for consumers with lesser home space. Moreover, their developments like the newly designed silent diesel generator also offer remarkable run times and are extremely fuel friendly. For homeowners on the lookout for environment-friendly and sustainable energy results, KOEL iGreen multi kva range generators are the products to buy. Get in contact with our representatives as soon as possible to reserve a cut rate deal on your desired generator unit! For more details, Visit at – https://koelgreen.com/180-kva-250-kva

160 kva Generator and Kirloskar Diesel Engine from KOEL iGreen


KOEL iGreen, the market’s foremost brand when it comes to pioneering generator unit designs, has outdone itself in terms of quality and innovation. Their manufacturing labs have come up with heightened and reconditioned models of their ever-dependable generator units. The 40 kva generator price for example, was dropped to make the invention tremendously inexpensive for consumers with smaller residences. Additionally, their inventions like the Kirloskar Genset also offer exceptional runtimes at half-load. This decreases the customer’s obligation to refuel the units on a regular basis. For home owners looking for sustainable energy solutions, Kirloskar diesel engine is the product to buy. The 160 kva generator is also very complete – it offers numerous precise and apposite outlets. Similarly, these generator units deliver wonderful portability as they are prearranged to curtail the overall mass of the unit and improve ease of carrying. Contact us now to bag a discount deal on your dream generator unit! For more details Visit at- https://koelgreen.com/40-kva-160-kva

Best Petrol & Diesel Generators of India by KOEL iGreen


KOEL iGreen presents India’s 1st Digital Power Back-Up solution for its esteemed customers. Genset at your Fingertips with Superior Looks and Improved product life. For more details Visit at – https://koelgreen.com/

KOEL iGreen Genset with Complete Power Back-up Solution


Beat the Heat this Summer with KOEL iGreen. Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply with KOEL iGreen Digital Power Back-up Solution. Product Ranges from 2.1 kVA to 1010 kVA . For more details Visit at – https://koelgreen.com/

KOEL Green Chhota Chilli Silent DG sets 5 kVA – 10 kVA by Kirloskar

KOEL Chhota Chilli Silent Diesel Generator sets in the range of 5kVA – 10kVA by Kirloskar comply with the Noise Regulation & Emission Norms of CPCB, Genset Controller with remote monitoring feature. http://www.koelgreen.com/5-kva-10-kva

KOEL Green – KOEL – Your Trusted Power Solutions Provider

If you are looking for backup power generator for business that is cost-effective, high-performance and low maintenance, KOEL green is the brand that you must consider. Commercial backup power generators power generators with large capacities come in diesel variants. However, if you are looking for backup power generators residential, you have the option to opt for the portable petrol generators. KOEL offers end to end solution, right from assessment, delivery and installation to maintenance and equipment management. To know more about KOEL’s power solutions, please visit http://koelgreen.com/power-solutions

Koelgreen Brings Backup Power at Your Fingertips

Mumbai, February 23th, 2017: Koelgreen, a part of the flagship company of the Kirloskar Group, is one of the biggest genset manufacturers in India. Koelgreen brings to you latest technology generators using modern design and simulation technology.

KOEL Gensets is one of India’s largest genset manufacturers and sellers across both, diesel and petrol generators. In its diesel generators category, Kirloskar generator products KOEL Green and KOEL Chhota Chilli have more than one million gensets being serviced across the globe.

In the small generator category, the Koel Chhota Chilli petrol generator offers the benefit of mobility and portability along with the simulation of the latest technology. It is considered an ideal solution for mobile workshops and small business establishments. Features such as easy kick start, silent design with stable output, easy maneuverability, recoil start as a standard option, and compliant to the latest revised emission norms are a part of Kirloskar generators. The brand offers various benefits acrossitspower generation products including inverter generator and small generators in diesel and petrol categories. Along with low running costs, quick response, the Kirloskar gensets offer prompt delivery and set up at door step along with the entire control on your fingertips. The kirloskar brand offers power solutions for home and business enterprise as well. From exhaust management systems to generators and allied equipment, Kirloskar offers comprehensive solutions in the power generation equipment category .

About Kirloskar:

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) is a star company of Kirloskar group. Koelgreen is also one of the largest power generating set manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in Pune with four state- of- the- art manufacturing plant, the Koelgreen vertical of the Kirloskar group specialises in the manufacture of both air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines and generating sets. The Koel group holds the Limca Book of Records for 7 consecutive ‘in time wage agreement’ signing since 1995 before its expiry. For more details visit at – http://www.koelgreen.com/ Address – Laxmanrao Kirloskar Road, Khadki, Pune 411003 India Phone No,- 8806334433 Website – http://www.koelgreen.com/